A Year in Review: 2022 Feature Recap

The year 2022 was a big one for flipMD, as we launched a series of new features aimed at growing opportunities, improving communication, and facilitating seamless collaboration for our physician users and industry clients.

One of the most exciting new features we introduced this year was the ability for physicians to be hired for full-time roles at both hospitals and in non-clinical positions. This expands job opportunities for doctors and allows us to be a help to you regardless of if you're looking for project-based work or a new full-time role. Additionally, we also introduced a referral program that pays you to recommend to your colleagues to job opportunities and for joining flipMD.

As we look ahead to 2023, we understand the difficulties that medical professionals are facing - from staff shortages to stagnant wages, paperwork and burnout. flipMD is here to help, with new features that expand job offer potential, improve communication, and ease collaboration. From interview and calendar sync capabilities, better customer support, to a new survey tool, we are committed to making the lives of physicians easier and helping them find the right work, connect with the right companies, and build a professional network that will help them advance in their careers.

Read on to see the full list of new features and see what's planned for early 2023.

2022's new features:

  • flipMD Hire: you can now source and secure permanent, temporary and locum tenens clinical and non-clinical positions on flipMD. Employers create their own profiles highlighting their company or health system, the expectations of the position (description, clinical duties, compensation) and benefits, can schedule interviews and offer you a new position all within the platform. 
  • Referral program: we now pay you for your referrals. We know your physician network is valuable so we wanted to make sure you could passively earn additional cash just for letting people know about flipMD. Rewards range from $25 to $2500 and are as simple as sending an email. 
  • Design improvements: over the year you may have seen several new design changes pop up on your account. We are continuing to improve the experience and design on the platform so that you love your flipMD experience.
  • Tools for large clients: with our acquisition by GoodRx, we redirected resources to build out platform capabilities that would work for big pharma, med device and market research companies. This means we added better capabilities for clients to hire a higher quantity of candidates, batch payments and messages, add other team members at their organization, and get account management and support from flipMD. We're ready to tackle some large contracts in 2023 that needed these features. This also means we'll be heads down in gathering new jobs for our list.
  • Improve speed: we made adjustments to improve speed and load time across the entire platform.
  • Tax information: we added a tax information tab to help you access your 1099-Ks for tax season.
  • Relaunched NextStop: we relaunched our NextStop platform with a fancy new design and lots of new features. We're excited to see this platform perform in 2023. NextStop is a resource for relocating healthcare providers and their families to
    browse, review, and connect directly with trusted realtors, mortgage lenders and financial advisors to plan your next move. 

Looking ahead to 2023:

  • Interview + calendar sync: soon you'll be able to schedule a call or interview directly through flipMD that will sync with your calendar and make collaboration simpler to manage.
  • Better Customer Support: we know there's a lot to desire in customer support, that's why in 2023 we are fully dedicated to a better customer support experience and early in the year you'll see a few new support tools. Firstly a chat bot on the site so we can answer your questions live. Also updated Help Docs with new features and video tutorials. Lastly, we’ve brought on some new team members to manage the hello@flip-md.com help inbox so we can get responses out to you timely and effectively. 
  • UX improvements: we've complete a full UX audit to gather a list of user-informed functional changes to the platform to future improve your experience, these changes will roll out over the course of 2023.
  • Survey jobs: flipMD will soon start to facilitate paid survey opportunities that you can take advantage of without leaving the app for other sites. 

Overall, these new features have been well received by our users and have helped to make flipMD an even more valuable platform. We are always looking for ways to improve and are excited to continue to roll out new features in the coming year



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