Our Podcast Picks for Physicians

Best Podcasts for Physicians

Since starting flipMD and jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts, which to be honest has become a new hobby for me. After every hospital shift in the summer and fall, I would walk home (try to avoid public transportation during COVID) and tune into my favorite podcasts to learn what it means to be a startup founder. Podcasts are gold; succinct, informative, entertaining and perfect for a walk to and from the hospital. I thought it would be fun to share what I’m currently listening to. 

Also stay tuned for a new podcast set to air in February, White Coat Capital, a startup pitch podcast for MD investors. In our episodes you’ll hear from innovative healthtech startups currently raising capital to take their product, service, app, or device from the idea stage through go-to-market and into a growth stage startup. They are solving problems that are uniquely positioned to reach you as a physician and we’re making sure those of you interested or currently angel investing know who they are. Check out the trailer and stay tuned for episodes to drop in the next few months.

For the Prospective Startup Founder:

  • Masters of Scale: Hear from super successful startup founders hosted by Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn founder) and how they grew their companies from idea to gigantic companies. The podcast is extremely entertaining and informative learning from the people who have done it and avoided the massive mistakes, which can doom a startup. 
  • Greymatter: Podcast in a format that is similar to Masters of Scale (and also featuring Reid Hoffman) and company builders. Another great way to learn some of the lessons that startup founders traverse in their company’s journey. 
  • The Pitch: A pitching podcast where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to VCs who then break down their idea and potentially invest themselves. 
  • Leveling Up: Podcast host, Eric Siu, discusses how to take your idea to the masses. Leveling Up is all about growth hacking and how to scale an idea quickly with information and tactics from some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. 

For the Nonclinical Physician: 

  • Nonclinical Careers: Nonclinical Careers with Dr. John Jurica is all about the options to get out of your full-time clinical career and explore the possibilities outside of the norm. 
  • Doctors Unbound: Brought to you by host, Dr. David Draghinas, shares the stories of physicians doing interesting and innovative things outside of clinical medicine. 
  • BootstrapMD: Dr. Mike Woo-Ming brings on guest physicians who are doing their own thing...building a business, starting a blog, or simply interested in something outside of clinical medicine. 
  • Talk2MeDoc: A podcast hosted by Dr. Andrew Tisser discussing early careers, physician burnout, investing and beyond! 
Gregory Hanson, MD, MPH

Gregory Hanson, MD, MPH

Greg is a PGY-4 interventional radiology resident at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia. He graduated from UCLA with his BS in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences before moving across the country to New York City. While in New York, Greg obtained his Master of Public Health degree in epidemiology with an advanced certificate in applied biostatistics. He then went on to do his medical school training at Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hampshire. In June 2018, he started his post-graduate training with a surgical intern year at Jefferson before continuing there for his integrated interventional radiology residency. During his first year of diagnostic radiology, he began offering his services to various clients by any means possible and was able to make additional side income to help support his family through residency training. This is what sparked the idea for flipMD.

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