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Why Doctors Need a Side Hustle

Everyone has their own reason they need a side hustle. For me, I needed to make some extra cash to support my family. I was a PGY-2 fresh off my surgical intern year and went from an “80 hour” work week to 45 hours. I got half of my life back overnight. The only issue is, I needed to make more money just not work less. I turned to my MD and MPH degrees to find any job that would pay better than my hospital salary. I took jobs in data analysis, ghost writing, manuscript editing, meta-analysis, and many others and quickly created a reputation of getting jobs done quickly and completely. I went from charging $45/hr to $250/hr (as a PGY-2) in less than a year and made enough money to go on to build flipMD.

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Welcome to flipMD!

We are very excited to have you join the first and only physician gig economy ever created. As many of you may or may not know, physicians work pretty hard. We are trying to make it much easier to find interesting jobs outside the clinic, hospital, or operating room. Many physicians are looking to do something a little different, whether to make a little extra income to help pay off student loans or pay for a new vacation or simply to try something completely different. 

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