What Physicians Need to Know About Own-Occupation Disability Policies

By Gregory Hanson, MD, MPH on Nov 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Insurance stuff can get confusing. There's car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, health insurance…the list goes on. It’s enough to make anyone’s head ...

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Understanding Own-Occupation Insurance

By Gregory Hanson, MD, MPH on Sep 15, 2021 6:00:00 AM

It’s not fun to think about, but what would happen if you became disabled in a way that prevented you from practicing medicine? Could your family ...

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Protection from Medical Liabilities for Physicians

By Gregory Hanson, MD, MPH on Dec 21, 2020 5:00:00 AM

As a physician, from the moment you enter the healthcare system you are at risk of malpractice suits which will likely come when you are least ...

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What to Know When Purchasing Disability Insurance

By Gregory Hanson, MD, MPH on Dec 17, 2020 9:45:00 AM

After all the years amassed in the classroom, back-breaking hours on rotations during training, several life changes and moves later you’ve finally ...

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