10 Types of Physician-Consulting Jobs on flipMD

Whether it's your first time doing consulting work outside your clinical day job or you are a seasoned pro, there are many different short- to long-term projects you can contribute to as a physician consultant on flipMD. Moreover, getting started on flipMD is simple and free to begin at any time.

One of the main reasons we started flipMD is to help physicians, like yourself, realize how your insights can contribute to medicine outside of patient care. That means working with venture capital firms to source and fund the next medical innovators, biotech and pharma companies to create the next promising drug, device companies to improve patient outcomes from the OR, and market research firms to share your expertise in patient care. 

To give you a sense of the work you can find on flipMD, we’re previewing ten types of physician-consulting projects you can find on our platform:

  1. Due diligence. Due diligence is a major step in lots of business transactions, including healthcare mergers and acquisitions, which have been all the rage since the 90s. Each company takes a hard look at the other to understand how their business works. You could be involved in assessing the medical side of things.
  2. Product development. Consultants who work on product development projects help companies invent or improve their medical products and services. Basically, you could get to play around with a cool new gadget and provide feedback to make it better. 
  3. Market research. In a nutshell, healthcare market research looks into whether a new medical product or service is financially viable. The makers and backers of medical products and services need docs like you to help put together things like surveys and interview guides to conduct this type of research with patients.
  4. Physician advisory work. Hospitals hire physician advisors to go between administrative, clinical, and support staff to make sure things are going according to plan. That includes ensuring compliance with applicable regs, making assessments about medical necessity, and a whole bunch of other tasks. We've found this is often a great gig for hospitalists in particular.
  5. Content creation or review. Flex your writing skills with content creation, which, in this context, involves drafting savvy marketing materials for health care entities on social media and beyond.
  6. FDA approval process help. Getting the okay to market a drug, device, or vaccine is a complicated, multi-step process that can take several years to complete. Companies are eager to hire physicians to help get their products to market as quickly as possible. And if the "several years" bit scared you off, don't worry! These projects are often structured to be short term.
  7. Data analysis or research. Data analysis and research are the perfect gigs for doctors looking to do some low-key work. If you're a resident, you might even be doing this type of work already, so why not get paid for it? Whether it’s data entry, a lit review, or something a bit more involved, flipMD has the research job for you!
  8. Share physician insights. This really is as simple as it sounds. Your unique knowledge of your field is invaluable to companies, which means you could get paid basically just to reflect on your career.
  9. Product testing. If you prefer a more hands-on role, product testing could be a good fit. This could be testing anything from the latest wearable health tracker to cutting-edge surgical equipment. Your job will be to try it out and report back on your findings. This feedback is invaluable to medical startups.
  10. Early adopter. In order to build buy-in for the next big thing in medicine, companies need respected physicians like you to act as their champions. Early adopters use innovative products ahead of the curve, helping to propel uptake of great new technologies and other types of medical products and devices.

Take one look at our jobs page, and you'll see that this list is just the tip of the ice-burg. We firmly believe that there's a great gig out there for every great physician—You just have to look!

Gregory Hanson, MD, MPH

Gregory Hanson, MD, MPH

Greg is a PGY-4 interventional radiology resident at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia. He graduated from UCLA with his BS in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences before moving across the country to New York City. While in New York, Greg obtained his Master of Public Health degree in epidemiology with an advanced certificate in applied biostatistics. He then went on to do his medical school training at Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hampshire. In June 2018, he started his post-graduate training with a surgical intern year at Jefferson before continuing there for his integrated interventional radiology residency. During his first year of diagnostic radiology, he began offering his services to various clients by any means possible and was able to make additional side income to help support his family through residency training. This is what sparked the idea for flipMD.

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